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Escape Room

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Unleash yourself in one hour!

Escape Room is a game full of surprises, puzzles and traps. Locked in a small group of friends, you have one hour to get out of one of three carefully prepared rooms with secret passages, hidden boxes, manual and electronic puzzles, and many others.

Łamacz (eng. Breaker) is a common name of an arsenic ore grinding facility, in which gold used to be mined in Złoty Stok. It is located in the area of the Gold Mine. It was in this building that we decided to give you the opportunity to enter the world of imagination, adventure games and puzzles. 

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a journey through the story contained in old, dusty books ... feel like an explorer, like a child, like a wizard and a knight! Your team will help you guess the secrets of the wardrobe around which everything revolves ... J A surprise is waiting for those who manage to keep to time.

The Bermuda Triangle is a geographical region in which the most ships in maritime history have disappeared mysteriously. Take the role of the captain and his crew, who must escape from the sinking ship. This is not only a real treat not only for Escape Room lovers, but also a great fun for all whose imagination is literally and figuratively exuberant ... J A surprise is waiting for those who manage to keep to time.

The Mystery of the Black Adit. The Złoty Stok mine pavement, which is only partly open to the public. Together with your team, take the role of sappers whose job is to de-mine cargo, deployed by the former rulers of the land of Lower Silesia. A surprise is waiting for those who manage to keep to time.


For companies:

Łamacz Escape Rooms is owned by the Gold Mine in Złoty Stok offering professional organisation of fictionalised integration events for companies with a qualified life coach team, including: Escape Rooms for 30 persons at the same time, visiting the Gold Mine and a Medieval Mining Village with the storyline, a climbing wall with a qualified instructor, and paintball . We have two conference rooms, dining places and accommodation base for over 100 persons. We provide you with training through entertainment.

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