The mine open daily
Summer (1 Apr. - 31 Oct.) 9am - 6pm
last admission at 5.30 pm
Winter (1 Nov. – 31 Mar.) 9am - 5pm
last admission at 4pm
The tour takes about 90 minutes
Ticket prices:
17zl regular
14zl reduced

(children over 4, school children, students, pensioners)

Ticket price includes: the guiding service, narrow gauge railway ride, museum of minerals

Welcome to the Gold Mine in Zloty Stok

Goldmine tours

Includes guided visit to Gertruda Adit, mysterious Death Gallery, Black Adit with the only underground waterfall in Poland, the Museum of Minerals, The Mint
Visiting Gertruda Adit
Meeting the Gnome in the Death Gallery
The only underground waterfall in Poland
A ride in the Orange Tram

Additional attractions

Apart from the typical tours we offer additional attractions that can be added to your tour. Attractions and typical elements can be freely selected to create your original tour.
An underground boat ride
Thematic tour
Gold Panning

Package offer

Four attractions in one price gives the best value for your money.
An underground flow of boat
Walking gold mine
Gold Panning
Islocation memorial coins

School trips

Goldmine tour, attractive journey through flooded galleries. Gold and adventure hunt, shooting contest
Underground boat ride
Goldmine tour
Gold Panning

Thematic tour

We offer thematic tours Tourists are divided into smaller groups which compete against each other.
Treasure Hunt
Death Gallery
Water Column and other

Team building and extreme tours

Team building includes chosen attractions with inspiring scenario matching your expectations.

Extreme tours

During extreme tours you visit underground galleries not available for regular tours. Only for adult participants.

RAZEM TANIEJ - wyjątkowa oferta!!!
2014-03-10 04:03:33

Pamiętaj, ze w Złotym Stoku mamy jeszcze jedną wspaniałą atrakcję turystyczną. ŚREDNIOWIECZNY PARK TECHNIKI.

Kupując od razu w kasie kopalni bilet do parku oszczędzasz aż 4 złote!

Zarezerwuj sobie dodatkową godzinę, a zobaczysz jakimi maszynami w średniowieczu wydobywano złoto.



Underground boat ride
2009-03-12 10:03:37

Visitors booking the underground boat ride by phone or e-mail are kindly requested to collect their tickets 15 MINUTES BEFORE the admission time. Unclaimed tickets will be sold.


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2010-08-29 02:08:18

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