Discover the
“City of Gold”

Discover 6 reasons why you should visit the “City of Gold”

The place where
you will never get bored!

In the entire area of the complex of the “City of Gold” you will find perfectly organized attractions for children and adults.

The main attractions include different tours:

the Gold Mine, Medieval Mining Village and the Ochrowa Adit, which you discover and get to know in the company of a guide.

Join a thousand of visitors from different parts of Poland and the world who have seen this unique place full of fun and positive energy.

Explore our facilities and attractions

See the plan of our city!

Are you curious where the particular attractions are? Take a look at the map and see what the “City of Gold” looks like!

Discover plenty of attractions and opportunities on-site

6 reasons why it’s
worth visiting us!

A place of many attractions

Being in the complex, you have access to plenty of attractions that you will enjoy, with or without a guide.

Qualified guides

Our professional staff and properly trained guides provide knowledge in a humorous, remarkable, and fun way.

Unique stories

Each attraction located in the “City of Gold” is associated with a unique history and tale that will diversify your stay and tour.

Flexible Tour Programs

Our tour offer is adapted to individual tourists, families with children and organized groups of all ages.

Accommodation base

On-site, we will take care of your accommodation in comfortable conditions. We have a large accommodation base for individuals and groups of various standards.

Food courts

We also took care of food courts where you can eat tasty food without leaving the complex. We have a restaurant, bar and smaller food courts.

Let the numbers

Every day on the Earth lots of surprising things happen … But did you know that what is hidden underground can be equally fascinating!?

12.44 kg

This is exactly the weight of each cuboid gold bar, i.e. about 400 ounces.

4000 years

Imagine that over 2000 years BC the first mining works were carried out in Złoty Stok ;O

16 tons!

This is exactly how much pure gold has been mined over 1,000 years of the history.

200 thousand

Every year, the Gold Mine is visited by thousands of visitors.

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