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Currently, when planning to visit the attractions in the complex, it is not necessary to make a prior reservation.

All you need to do is visit us during working hours and tickets will be available on site

Tickets for each attraction can be purchased on site at the ticket offices located at:

Types of tickets available

Being on site at the checkout, you will have a choice of two types of Tour Programs:
Zwiedzanie Standardowe

This program includes a visit to the attraction of your choice with a guide at a regular price. This is a good choice if you have little time and only want to see one attraction.
Choose the attraction and learn about the details

Cheaper Together!

The Cheaper Together Program! is a combination of visiting two or three attractions at a discounted price. It is the most popular choice among our tourists.
Compare tickets and their prices

Got any questions?

We are happy to answer your questions, but before you call us, check out the Practical Information section.

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