Jesteśmy czynni codziennie. Na zwiedzanie wystarczy przyjechać, bilety dostępne są na miejscu. Rezerwacja telefoniczna co najmniej z jednodniowym wyprzedzeniem (w miarę wolnych miejsc) konieczna jest jedynie na podziemny spływ łodzią. Zapraszamy!

Medieval Mining Village

The time travel full of mystery, science and fear to the Medieval Technology Park

Visiting hours
Mining Village

In the summer season the route is open
10:15 AM to 18:00 PM.

The entry starts every 15 minutes.
The visit takes about 60 minutes.

Booking in advance is not required.

Admission ticket prices
to the Mining Village

The ticket price includes a guided tour, the Path of Fear and a meeting with “Kat”.

A replica of the Mining Village from the Middle Ages

Travel back to the Middle Ages and see what the work looked like in that period. See an unique Europe-wide replica of the Medieval Mining Village, which consists of working devices built in a scale of 1:1.
Średniowieczna Osada Górnicza - rysunek
An outline presenting the machines and the Mining Village

A fascinating time travel hat teaches and entertains

Real and working devices

All types of wooden technical devices are based on medieval engravings by Georgius Agricola. Each machine works and is presented in such a way as to engage the viewer to play - all you need is the strength of your own muscles to make it work, for example:

  • a powerful 3-ton milling treadwheel
  • 15-meter treadmill,
  • smelter plant and crushers

Physics classes

There is no better way to learn about physics than checking how it works yourself. Thanks to the various experiences in Mining Village, you can learn the simple laws of physics used to activate and operate various devices.

Let yourself be caught up in fun combined with science and experiment with the laws of physics in an active and creative way.

The Path of Fear

The labyrinth is a must-see for lovers of unforgettable experiences. A dose of mystery and laughter is something worth having fun in the Haunted House.

Complete the task and go through the labyrinth finding your way back to the Middle Ages through a swirly tunnel with sound and light effects giving you an amazing perceptual illusion.


What tools will you discover
in our Mining Village?

Manual crane

You will find out how heavy objects can be pulled out only thanks to human strength. A wooden crane consisting of a rope and 2 blocks - thanks to this power transmission, it allows you to lift weights 50 times greater than with a normal roller.

Treadmill wheel

A wooden structure that transforms the energies of human strength into mechanical energy. The treadmill wheel was used to remove excess water from the mine and it was very efficient because only one man could make it move.

Torture instruments

Perfectly reproduced torture chamber and executioner's room. People were tortured in it, experiencing enormous pain, they body used to be hurt and they were mentally oppressed. You will see what instruments prompted people to testify and plead guilty.

See all the tools!

Visit the Medieval Mining Village website and find out more!

Ways of sightseeing available

Try the available options and see more at a better price!


Standard tour

You are visiting the attraction with a guide accompanied by other tourists.

Cheaper Together!

Combine two or three additional attractions into the tour program to save on the ticket price.

Tour with a storyline

The offer is aimed at organized groups.

Visiting the Mining Village


Tour time:
60 minutes

is not required

Check the opening hours at different times of the year, ticket prices and other important information. The Terms an Conditions for visiting the Underground Tourist Route in the Gold Mine you can read here.

Photo Gallery
of The Medieval Mining Village

See the route in the camera eye of our visitors

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The attractions complex at the Gold Mine is open
every day – 356 days a year.
Today it is open: 9:00 – 17:30.
The opening hours for individual attractions may vary.

There are
two seasons

from April 1 to October 31,
the complex is open:
9: 00-18: 00


From November 1 to March 31, the complex is open:
9: 00-17: 00

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