A combination of prepared attractions into an interesting entertainment scenario

Storyline tour

Storyline tour is a scenario game aimed at integration. The offer is aimed at organized groups, both children and adults. However, children’s scenarios are a bit watered down or simplified to ensure age-appropriate fun for each group.


The group is divided into teams, usually 10 people. A group leader and treasurer are selected from among each team. Each team is equipped with a map on the basis of which they will move and a bag for the found treasures. Each team adopts its chosen colors, a name and a shout that motivates all team members.

Two scenarios

We currently have two scenarios, one for adults and the other for teenagers, both of which take place at the Gold Mine and the Medieval Mining Village.

Once the fun starts, each team performs the same events from a specific scenario, but in a different order. This means that each team has an equal chance of winning.

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we are ready to mix tasks from both scenarios that are the most interesting according to the client. In addition to these scenarios, the group can also add a task invented by themselves or an attraction in our offer, e.g. a game of paintball.

Price and Duration

The storyline tour takes 3 – 3.5 hours.

  • 150 PLN/per person for adults (with a campfire +5 PLN /per person)
  • 115 PLN/per person for youth (with a campfire +5 PLN /per person)

The price of the storyline tour includes:the realisation of the scenario, a commemorative ducat, a Certificate of the Gold Mine Conqueror / Certificate of Time Travel for each participant, and a small gift for the winning team.

The tour with a storyline at the given prices have been calculated for a group of min. 20 people.

We ask that you book in advance min. 7 days before the planned fulfillment of the order. After the storyline tour, we recommend organizing a bonfire with a sausage, dinner or a feast at the restaurant “Karczma w Stara Kuźnia”, located in the Gold Mine.

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