Jesteśmy czynni codziennie. Na zwiedzanie wystarczy przyjechać, bilety dostępne są na miejscu. Rezerwacja telefoniczna co najmniej z jednodniowym wyprzedzeniem (w miarę wolnych miejsc) konieczna jest jedynie na podziemny spływ łodzią. Zapraszamy!

Explore the Gold Mine

Learn the history of the Mine and experience lots of valuable, exciting and unforgettable experiences!

Visiting hours
of the Gold Mine

In the summer season the route is open from 09:15 AM to 17:00 PM. The entry starts every 45 minutes. The visit takes about 1.5 hours.

Booking in advance is not required.

Single tickets

The ticket price includes a guide, visiting the Minerals Museum and the Chamber of Mining. Groups of up to 50 people are allowed to visit once.

LYou’d better see
what you’ll experience

While visiting the Gold Mine, you will learn the secrets hidden deep underground. See what the Underground Tourist Route in the Gold Mine impresses thousands of visitors from all over the world!
The entrance gate leading to the Gertruda Adit
The exhibition of gold bars in the Mine
The orange railway in motion entering the mine tunnel

On the underground
tourist route

You will learn about the tools and history of mining

Having a guided tour, you will see a 500-meter section of the Gertruda Adit which is connected with the legend of the lost Gertruda. On the route in this part you can see:

  • a rich exhibition of maps and mine plans from the 18th to the 20th century (including the mysterious map of the Black Adit)
  • showcases/cabinets with old mining and metallurgical tools, minerals, an exhibition of mining lamps
  • a muffle furnace, a laboratory furnace in which gold is smelted
  • an eighteenth-century ore trolley

You will see the Walk of Death

On the top floor there is a pavement/sidewalk with a very miserable history. It was exactly here where miners of stealing gold were sentenced to death. The convicts stood up against the wall, where they were put in particular drilled holes and poured up to the elbows by the mortar, and then they died in torment alone.

Orange Railway Ride

One of the most interesting tourist attractions in the Gold Mine is the 300-meter underground route, which can only be done by the orange tram. A queue that will allow you to take a breath and see the Mine from a different perspective.


Moreover, in the Mine
you will see

The only Underground Waterfall in Poland

In the Black Adit there is the only underground waterfall in Poland. Deep under the ground, in a small chamber, from a height of ten meters, the water crashes right in front of the visitors, often splashing the faces of delighted tourists.

Museum of Warnings, Notes and Calls

A collection of plates related mainly to Health and Safety Regulations (OSH), capturing various slogans, instructions and warnings. Often these are downright funny slogans, such as: "Don't throw a hammer while on the scaffold" or more ambitious "What did you do today to reduce your own costs?"

Underground boat trip*

Some of the sidewalks of the Gertruda Adit can be seen in an unconventional way, i.e. sailing in a 15-person boat gracefully named Titanic. The Underground Rafting is about 200 meters long. It is an additional attraction not included in the basic tour.

What does the mine tour look like?

On-site you will also see an underground slide and a hologram of Gerturda’s ghost!

Check our blog article describing all the points of the program!

Ways of sightseeing available

Try the available options and see more at a better price!


Standard tour

You are visiting the attraction with a guide accompanied by other tourists.

Cheaper Together!

Combine two or three additional attractions into the tour program to save on the ticket price.

Tour with a storyline

The offer is aimed at organized groups.

Visiting the Gold MIne

Tour time: about 1,5 h

Meeting point:
“Stara Kuźnia”

Temperature in the mine:
7° C / 365days

is not required

Check the opening hours at different times of the year, ticket prices and other important information. The Terms an Conditions for visiting the Underground Tourist Route in the Gold Mine you can read here.

Photo Gallery
of The Gold Mine

See the route in the camera eye of our visitors

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The attractions complex at the Gold Mine is open
every day – 356 days a year.
Today it is open: 9:00 – 17:30.
The opening hours for individual attractions may vary.

There are
two seasons

from April 1 to October 31,
the complex is open:
9: 00-18: 00


From November 1 to March 31, the complex is open:
9: 00-17: 00

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with a guide

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