Jesteśmy czynni codziennie, na zwiedzanie wystarczy przyjechać, bilety dostępne są na miejscu. Rezerwacja telefoniczna co najmniej z jednodniowym wyprzedzeniem (w miarę wolnych miejsc) konieczna jest jedynie na podziemny spływ łodzią. Zapraszamy!

Enter the Ochrowa Adit

Discover the secrets of a newly discovered adit, shrouded in many legends

Visiting hours
of the Ochrowa Addit

In the summer season the route is open from 09:15 AM to 17:30 PM. The entry starts every 30 minutes. The visit takes about 45 minutes.

Booking in advance is not required.

Single tickets

The ticket price includes a guide and a rented protective helmet.

The most colorful adit
in the Golden Mountains

Discover the beautiful narrow tunnels adorned with natural orange-yellow ocher and see the rock waste high in iron compounds, which are used in paints and cosmetics!
Sztolnia Ochrowa - brama wejściowa do sztolni
Entrance to the Ochrowa Adit and the sculpture
of the mouth of the arsenic water source
Tight, low corridors hollowed out with old tools
A bridge over a flooded shaft

Move to an extremely narrow and magical place

The Medieval spirit of the adit

The switchback 130-meter tunnel is the result of difficult conditions and hard work of the miners in the tunnel.

This is perfectly illustrated by the plates presenting the tools used several hundred years ago for tunneling. On a medieval pavement wrought by fire, you can see sooting, which shows the use of an unusual fire method.

The flooded wooden shaft

One of the most intriguing attractions is a fragment of a flooded old shaft. A medieval system of wooden drainage pipes dating back several hundred years extends from a several-meter long shaft with an original wooden casing. The same system as shown in the figures from the 16th century.

An unique pigment

The colorful orange-yellow tunnels are covered with ocher, which was known many thousand years ago. What is even more interesting, it is used until today as a pigment used for paints and cosmetic products.


What else is the Ochrowa Adit famous for?

Hundreds of years under water

The underground labyrinths were completely overflooded for decades, so the discovery and preparation of the tunnels for tourist traffic was quite a challenge.

The arsenic-iron water source

There is a mineral water spring in the adit, established in 1914 for medicinal water which, according to German research during the First World War had properties accelerating the healing of wounds and it used to improve the health condition for diagnosis of anaemia.

A unique story of discovery

Putting the newly found adit into service is an incredible story, because nowadays it happens once a century!

Learn the full history of the Ochrowa Adit

Are you in the pursuit of knowledge?
Read our blog about the Ochrowa Adit!

Ways of sightseeing available

Try the available options and see more at a better price!


Standard tour

You are visiting the attraction with a guide accompanied by other tourists.

Cheaper Together!

Combine two or three additional attractions into the tour program to save on the ticket price.

Tour with a storyline

The offer is aimed at organized groups.

Visiting the Ochrowa Adit


Tour time:
about 45 min

Humidity / Temperature:
90% / 7° C

is not required

Check the opening hours at different times of the year, ticket prices and other important information. The Terms an Conditions for visiting the Underground Tourist Route in the Gold Mine you can read here.

Photo Gallery
of The Ochrowa Addit

See the route in the camera eye of our visitors

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The attractions complex at the Gold Mine is open
every day – 356 days a year.
Today it is open: 9:00 – 17:30.
The opening hours for individual attractions may vary.

There are
two seasons

from April 1 to October 31,
the complex is open:
9: 00-18: 00


From November 1 to March 31, the complex is open:
9: 00-17: 00

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